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AS Cranes, hoists and winches – Safe use – General requirements ( FOREIGN STANDARD). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider. AS Cranes, hoists and winches – Safe use – General requirements. standard by Standards Australia, 01/01/ View all product details. Visit our website and learn more about AS standards.

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The requirements for checking whether critical dimensions remain within specified or acceptable tolerances should be established. Crane runways and monorails by Standards Association of Australia. Periodic Inspection A more comprehensive inspection and service than the Routine Inspection and Maintenance.

When completing a Major Inspection AS Rails- minimal say 3 -5 mm maximum burring of rails heads, rails clips are in place and tight, snug blocks in place. What should 2550.1 inspect?

Standards Catalogue

Data logging records containing state of loading, duration of operation and number of load cycles can be used to determine a more accurate inspection interval and avoid excessive effort spend on crane inspection. Section 9 of AS However especially with larger capacity cranes an annual load test can introduce significant additional costs, where alternative risk ae methods may be more appropriate.

Emergency functions- ensure operable. Note that AS Prepare an accurate and complete report of all test results. 5250.1

DWP is then used to determine when a major inspection and subsequent general overhaul is due. Remove load and measure permanent deflection. This will be based on the accumulated data and inspection records.


AS Cranes, Hoists and Winches – Safe Use – General Requirements – Google Books

Self-erecting tower cranes by Standards Australia. Expected DWP for a typical crane structure operating to its capacity. The current Australian design standards for overhead cranes 2550.1 released in AS Expected DWP for a typical crane hoist operating to its capacity. How frequently do I need to inspect my crane?

The safety factor ranges between 1. Requirements for cranes subject to arduous working conditions by Standards Association of Australia. What are the critical elements of inspections? Cross travel ass beam lower flanges for damage or cracking and connections to end carriages. Crane collector systems by Standards Association of Australia.


Elevated work platforms 4. Include a bottom limit if fitted.

Iceage incorporate this strategy right from the start to save on the costs of initial inspections. Gearboxes- gearbox has oil and condition of oil- recommended periodic oil samples are taken to test for presence of wear particles for gears. If that information is not available, then the inspection will be based on the duty of the crane and its various components.

Major Inspection or Repair. The only method of duty estimation that does not require DWP to be reduced by a factor of safety is using an automatic data recording system.

Enter with social networking. E-stops on all control stations.

Additionally cranes which can be shown to have been used at lower frequency or load magnitudes can have major inspections put off beyond the nominal design life in years. If DWP is not estimated according to this process, then the major inspection interval is to be reduced to two-thirds of design life or, if this is unknown, to a maximum of 7 years.


This is a visual inspection and functional test that should be carried out by a competent crane operator prior to each shift during which the crane is to be used.

Certification for continued safe use will therefore be subject to the crane conforming to the current Australian Standards. The Australian Crane Standards do not specifically require load testing ass part of a Major Inspection.

AS – Cranes, hoists and winches – Safe use – General requirements (FOREIGN STANDARD)

Please click mouse on question of interest to view the answer. The key objective of the Major Inspection is to assess the viability of upgrading the crane to the requirements of the Australian 2550. Therefore a general overhaul may not be qs if the utilisation shows that the crane, based on its original design capabilities has not been fully utilised. Structure Bridge girder box construction- connection between top flange and web, especially in the middle quarter of the span- cracking.