Black Girl Lost has ratings and reviews. Rakisha said: Gripping tale of neglected young girl struggling to survive. Her mother, a raging alcoho. For a black girl lost, murder was always in the cards “Goines’s narratives offer a painfully vivid account of the black underworld, where Cadillacs, crooked cops . But when Chink gets caught, Sandra commits the ultimate act of love to keep her man out of jail. For a black girl lost, murder was always in the cards ” — P. [4] of.

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Trivia About Black Girl Lost. Goines did such a notable job portraying life on the streets for young black girls.

Dec 26, Monica rated it really liked it Shelves: Chink and her were sweet together, his love for her ran deep and hers for him. And that’s what’s so fascinating — this man on the inside pulling all the stitches out so we can see how it all came together. Black Girl Lost starts with a morality of “staying alive” despite devastating hardship, but when the drug culture becomes part of the plot, the result is feelings of high romance and ultimate revenge.

Black Girl Lost

Not sure if there’s any more to Sandra’s story but I’d read it if it’s out there. When he did escape, he shot the two men and one shot him, leading to his death in the arms of Sandra. He becomes the nightmare of the Chicanos, who have crushed his brother. It will pull you in goinse the beginning. Donald Goines was a career criminal and kost who took up writing during one of his seven prison sentences.


Goines was released inafter which he wrote 16 novels with Holloway House, Iceberg Slim’s publisher. His pace was furious, sometimes he produced a book in a month. Their relationship was goinew of a kind. Chance, however, intervenes and throws a monkey wrench into the girl’s life. The writing is concise so it flows beautifully and fast, but for this kind of story, t I thought I would know how this would go, but I was only half right.

May 29, Rakisha rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The novel and details the life of a girl named Sandra. This was my This story was so raw and gritty.

Black Girl Lost – Donald Goines – Google Books

During this period he got hooked on heroin. Nas has a song called “Black Girl Lost”, which has content and title inspired by the book. It was a pretty fast book. Llost some books, it is sooo over done it seems corny. Bravo to a book w Black girl lost was an outstanding book, I pretty much love all of Donald Goines Books and have read almost all of them years ago, But “Black girl lost” was one of my favorites so I had to re-read it All white policemen, who patrol the black neighborhoods, also are his enemies.


The sad part is, the girl has potential, evidenced by her The ending is heart- wrenching. Never Die Aloneabout the life of a drug dealer, was filmed by Ernest R.

Even the one person he swore he’d protect. She meets a boyget into things and things go downhill from there. She grows up in a home with an absent father and an alcoholic mother, but finds a father figure in a local Jewish shop owner. His seven prison sentences totaled 6. Goines was shot to death in Return to Book Page.

Sep 30, Camille rated it really liked it. Oh, uh, spoiler alert. Selected pages Title Page.

I do not know if this type of situation pushes forward stealing and drug pushing in most cases but it is a eye opener for survival, loyalty and love.

But I plan to read other work by Mr.

Absolutely captivating job well done. It pushed me through the pages and kept me wanting more until the ending. A you will not put down story.

Black Girl Lost – Donald Goines – Google Books

Jul 30, Mely rated it it was amazing. This is not a book for the faint of heart. Yes, I’ve read all his books.