The Original Louis Maggio System For Brass [Carlton MacBeth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Never before had the brass world been. The original Louis Maggio system for brass [Carlton MacBeth] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get this from a library! The original Louis Maggio system for brass.. [Carlton MacBeth; Louis Maggio].

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It seemed really weird to me initially, but the concept seemed realistic. If you could get a hold of Alan Craig he could help you I’m sure. Maggio wouldn’t mass sell his books. After some years, he would sell them to students that he felt were competent to teach it. For me, the purpose of playing in the pedal maccbeth is to find the best placement for your embouchure on magglo rest of the range of the trumpet.

Carlton Macbeth Louis Maggio System

Yes, my password is: Alan was a studednt of Carltln and he is also a very nice person to talk to. In other words, he wanted to make sure it was taught properly. This is a question posed to those that play via the Louis Maggio System for Brass. His lower register advanced extremely quickly.

Profit was never his intent. Feb 3, 5. If your private teacher and the use of these exercises point out weaknesses, you may have to change some things. I try to always start the day with Warmup A and Lesson 1, though. So, it may be tough to find a trained Maggio Instructor, but I believe it is worth the effort. I was under the assumption that the purpose of this board was to share information and ask questions of others that are in the know.

Jerry, you are correct in that Maggio is downstream – as you blow the air column downward toward the chin. Share This Page Tweet. My son’s private instructor use to chat with Mr. Aug 26, 1. It will take a lot of practice, because your muscles will revert to old habits when they reach areas to which they have not become comfortable. Hi BAK, welcome to the maddness of the internet.


As to getting competent help, in the area of the country I live in there are few players and Maggio is mzggio system that is unheard of, much less practiced. No, create an account now. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I was fortunate to put him in a summer trumpet camp and I really like that instructor.

Feb 3, 6. Don’t push it to go too high! In particular the setting of the embouchure, he suggested blowing the syllable Pu without the mouthpiece and this would put your lips in proper alignment. So, when school started and they mentioned that private instructors were available, I found out that he was one that I could use, despite not being on their primary list due to his schedule and availability.

When I tried to correct him, he became frustrated saying that his teacher told him to do it that way. Yes, my password is: Maggio throughout the year. I can continue playing and ascending, right now up macbetth a G above high C, and the sound is very brilliant, but I just do not know if this is the way it is suppose to work or should the bottom lip stay put as in the original set up?

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Carlton Macbeth Louis Maggio System

Well, guess what, he is a definitely a believer in the Maggio System. I have the book by Carlton MacBeth. You are also a nice person to talk to and also one of the people that motivated me, although you probably don’t know that you did, to buy a Destino. Perhaps I mabeth wrong in that assumption, so I will reframe from asking any more questions.


The Original Louis Maggio System for Brass – Carlton MacBeth – Google Books

No, create an account now. Thus, my son’s instructor was able to order a handful or so at a time to use to teach others and sell to those who caught the Maggio fever. Share This Page Tweet. A gentleman from Virginia Beach that was friends with Carlton MacBeth and has used Maggio for many years sent me some invaluable information that clarified a lot. Down to two octaves below low C is better. I don’t do them in an isolated way sitting and playing pedals for two hours!

It is my understanding that he became sickly and communications stops. Actually I have already tried that approach as another benefit is it allows for the horn to be held more parallel to the ground instead of angled down.

To simply things, I would prefer that any communications with me come to the address above that Jim Magfio listed: Doing a major change without some competent help is a road to disaster. Enter into this kind of work with an open mind. For any of you out there who are interested in Carlton MacBeth and Louis Maggio I would like to offer my free services in giving you any information I can to help you along. I agree with the previous poster, if you think you need an embouchure change go and find a competent private teacher to work with.

I have been trying to implement it just as described in the book.

Louis Maggio System Question

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