El antropólogo inocente es un texto ciertamente insólito del que se dijo: « Probablemente el libro más divertido que se ha publicado este año. Nigel Barley hace. Buy El Antropologo Inocente by Nigel Barley (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , María Pía Poblete S. and others published Nigel Barley: El Antropólogo Inocente }.

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This book should appear to anyone who is interested in the sorts of things that can happen when one tries to spend time in an ‘alien’ community. Open Preview See a Problem?

This is an utterly hilarious account of an anthropologist going off into his first field assignment in Cameroon. No trivia or quizzes yet. We cannot thank Nigel Barley enough for having showed us the backstage of the hocus A rare 5 stars zntropologo me. Several more calabashes followed.

It was refilled and passed to me. Dowayo chickens, on the whole, are scrawny, wretched things; eating them is rather like eating an Airfix model of a Tiger Moth. The book is antropolgo funny, but underneath it asks serious questions about the field of anthropology. Open Preview See a Problem?

El antropólogo inocente

Un libro sencillamente genial. In selecting a location, Barley had narrowed it down to Portuguese Timor, until just as the academic If you enjoy this type of humour which I do, obviouslywhich I guess is a self deprecating British humour.


You have to sort out good informants from bad, misleading information and wrong information from good. Instead he is able to be self-deprecating and humorous in a way that few anthropologists are.

Sandra rated it it was ok Jul 01, But I came to the conclusion that they are not, because he applies the same kind of irony to Europeans and Africans alike. As an anthropologist myself, I related antrooologo almost everything here. He also shares, in a simple form the experiences while undertaking his research. Books by Nigel Barley. Other books in the series.

El antropólogo inocente by Nigel Barley (4 star ratings)

I’ve never really known much about anthropology, but I respect the profession a lot more after reading this memoir. Truly an enjoyable read and I look forward to Nigel Barley’s other writings Enlighting about life in West Africa as well as about the cultural and personal shock the westerner feels when living among West Africans. When you think about anthropology it’s often about long, dry books about cultures but this one was really funny and clever, light and honest too.

Lots of people went to urban or agricultural societies, did research on less all-encompassing subjects and still turned up with interesting results.

Gives a great impression of what field work for an ethnographer in le ‘s? Liabeth rated it it was ok Dec 16, Lyrie rated it it was ok Sep 24, They specialize in slamming into walls and falling, fluttering onto your face.


No trivia or quizzes yet.

El antropólogo inocente by Nigel Barley (5 star ratings)

But, let’s face it, bywhen Nigel Barley set off for field work in Cameroon, the pattern of going off to some remote tribe or isolated people and trying to “re- Barley avoids sowing any oats Doing field work is, as the author suggests early on, a kind of rite of passage for would-be anthropologists.

Julia rated it it was ok Nov 12, Open Preview See a Problem? He knew how fieldwork should be conducted, but, as he rapidly discovered, the theory did not take into account the elusive nature of Dowayo society, which refused to conform to the rules. However, this might be because he lets the cat out of the bag by suggesting in his own tale that fieldwork is not the scientific, detached, coherent endeavour some would have us believe.

Kindle Editionpages. Tropical bats spend their entire time flying into obstacles with a horrible thudding noise.