The Piano Teacher. Elfriede Jelinek, Author George Weidenfeld & Nicholson $0 ( p) ISBN Instead, she teaches piano at the Vienna Conservatory. She still. In Michael Haneke’s adaptation of Elfriede Jelinek’s novel, the role of the piano teacher is played, with a chilling impenetrability, by. Elfriede Jelinek’s novel The Piano Teacher was a sensation from the day it was published some 18 years ago. Now Austrian director Michael Haneke adapted.

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The year old piano teacher Erika Kohut is the central character; she still lives with her mother and is completely controlled by this mother, or rather, lets herself be controlled by her mother. Other criticism has been directed toward the lack of a father figure within the novel. Its buttons are bursting from the fat white paunch of culture, which, like any drowned corpse that is not fished from the water, bloats up more and more.

An image enters in, rushes down through the tensed, arrested muscles, plunges into the heart and is gone.

Urges which cannot find any expression, because Mother guards those hands jelinem and night, literally checking that hands stay above board at night from her co-position in the shared maternal bed. Break from the track, run around on newfound legs and divest yourself in elvriede undesirable to the maternal streak, and watch as the furious threats and emotional gutting chases after the errant child, determined to slap and beat and bunch it back into shape.

Elfriede Jelinek: THE PIANO TEACHER – Interview

Something in a huge murky jar which you flinch from and turn away, sickened. Maybe you don’t like the message you get out of it. Dies war mein erster Roman von E.


Once upon a time she still longed to get away from piano practice sessions to play outside with thee young people, but those urges are now long gone. The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek. She is one of those people who lead and guide most people. People scream, oh, the sacrilegious desensitization o Show, not tell.

What is it then?

The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek – review | Books | The Guardian

And Lazarus is nowhere in sight. I was perfectly honest about my dislike of The Wasp Factory for its silly, gratuitous violence. Not that Erika has not busted a gut trying: It can be a motionless boat. It starts off with a brutal spat of domestic violence with fistfuls of pulled hair and jelinfk with two of the most disgusting sex scenes I’ve read in modern literature.

Ja, ich will doch alles richtig und gut machen! Of all the foul and sadistic events in this book, a small, animalistic scene between mother and daughter in bed haunted me the most. What you witness in this book jelinsk the complexity of domination and rebellion born out in everyday relationships, and the agency of a single woman as she works through these challenges and attempts to creates challenges for some of those around her.

Devo dire che tanta violenza, tanto malessere, tanta stortura, mi hanno lasciato dapprima perplessa. I have to take at least one star off for the ugliness, for having had to live through the experience of Jelinek forcing me to look through those darkly stained glasses through which Mother makes us look at the world.

Things become even more dysfunctional with the arrival of Walter Klemmer, a teenage pupil of Erika’s at the Vienna Conservatory where the author herself studied. There is not the smallest role in the story for any halfway decent person. Not that it matters, anyways. Gradually feeling can only be located through extreme actions. But then she switches course and descends into convoluted structures of metaphor so mixed as to almost lose meaning — which could be seen as another path towards anti-style — but which somehow take on a weird beauty all their own that rises luminously above the cruelty.


View all 19 comments. Erika non prova quasi nulla, anche quando si taglia o si punge: And ultimately I’m comfortable with her Nobel.

The Piano Teacher

So, partly autobiographical as the character of Erika may be, she is definitely not shown in a sympathetic light, which brings me to how I should rate this book.

Mother’s overbearing need to control her one child must elfriese the result of a deep trauma in her own life. Should parents be blamed for the miseries of their children?

People scream, oh, the sacrilegious desensitization of modern society! This is not a novel about personal growth or development, but about the opposite.

I did not take his hatred seriously, being so closely linked to his fears and need for control, and so little connected to how women actually are in real life. Jelinek lesen bereitet die gleiche Lust wie ein Zahnarztbesuch: She yearns for a man who knows a lot and can play the violin. But the writing, which is at elfrieee revelatory and brilliant and important, holds back the story when it is also repetitive, poorly structured, not particularly well paced.

Monatshefte in English and German. The writing, like the psychic states it depicts, is disturbing, uncomfortable and terrifyingly powerful. The writing is like a luscious chocolate eofriede sprinkled with sparkling shards of glass.