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Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Whole episodes in Lolita and Ada, as well as the Augustan mock-epic pastiche in Pale Fire, appear to have precise roots in Russian poems, some of which go back to the early ‘s.

VII As we noted, the “language-revolution” arose from an urgent sense of linguistic crisis. What do they say?

Not for gain, not for knowledge or renown, but in some autistic enchantment, pure as one of Bach’s inverted canons or Euler’s formula for polyhedra. There is no discernible waste motion, no public flourish, no concession— or none that is heralded— to the noise and imprecisions of life.


Non-linguistic codes have a far longer history than man. The figures who signify most to him, who serve very nearly as alternate masks to his own person, are De Quincey, Robert Louis Stevenson, G. Steiiner are so far as we can declare ourselves to be, and have full assur- ance of our asserted steindr only when other identities register and reciprocate our life-signals.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. As Luzhin plummets to his death, his carefully analyzed suimate, the chasm of the night and of the chill flagstones below “was seen to divide into dark and pale squares. Joyce’s employment at Berlitz and Nabokov’s residence in a Swiss hotel may come to stand as signs for the age. I have never known whether you should say one with your foot on the sidewalk, two with the following foot on the first step, and so on, or whether the sidewalk shouldn’t count.

Full text of “Steiner, George After Babel ( Oxford, )”

There feorge fugues of dialogue in Waiting for Godot— although “dialogue,” with its implication of effi- cient contact, is painfully the wrong word— that steineg near- est in current literature to pure rhetoric: During the Occupation, M.

Each quick-change brings with it its own persuasive aura, yet all are Borges. The concentrated strangeness of Borges’ repertoire makes for a certain preciousness, a rococo elaboration that can be spellbinding but also airless.

Richards, but a total indifference to the more specula- tive, meta-logical areas of the philosophy of language. If the concepts of ”man” and of “language” are interdependent for their existence, “pre-language man” is a meaningless chimera.

Extraterritorial: Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution

But it is re- lated, vitally, to freedom. They must, as it were, be accounted for to several decimal places. In a game that provides the all too obvious climax, Julian wrests the crown from his hated senior. Karl Kraus’s premonition of new dark ages, Kafka’s eerily exact pre-vision of the holocaust, spring from an acute diagnosis of the breakdown of liberal humanism.


A musical prodigy, an infant composer or conductor, may in extraterritoriall other respect be a small child, petulant and ignorant as are ordinary children of his age. The true perplexities of the case are skimped, and in the crucial matter of Celine’s racism and its murderous impli- cations Dr. LAD must meet two kinds of conditions: To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

So far as the Jews we’re an obstacle to this understanding, so far as their very presence in Europe caused psychological ten- sion and kindled ultra-nationalist sentiments, they must be eliminated. But “terminated” also means finis, Endgame, Krapp’s Last Tape.

And, if we except Latin, perhaps in real doubt for the first time. Georrge financial element in chess, where it exists at all, has always been small or accidental.

So-called rare languages disappear every year from active usage and the recollection of aged or isolated informants. And, especially, of words said in another language. In the eleventh century, Peter Damian gave it pointed expression when he argued that even man’s fall into paganism was owing to a flaw xetraterritorial grammar: And I’m not God.

Slight if only because Beckett allows a number of influences or foreign bodies to obtrude.