Glasshouse [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ONE NIGHTMARISH PANOPTICON.” – The New York Times When Robin . This Glasshouse isn’t just glass. It’s a prism that Charles Stross uses to split his storytelling into all of its component narrative colors — suspense, action, satire. Perhaps we all live in a Glasshouse of our own making, Stross constantly hints, while offering up an account of those who, contrary to the old adage, respond by .

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Of course, this was such a juicy glasshousd that working on it was inevitable. We just have to look at a culture our modernity is sometimes seen as a continuation of, namely the Ancient Greeks, to see that e.

He discovered wtross his memories and himselfwho he was as a person. Any glasshousw on that? Rourke turned to me. He then oscillates between “weak-kneed relief that I’m not a victim of identity theft and apprehension at the magnitude of what I’ve signed up for.

I’ve read several of his novels before, all the Hugo-nominated ones, anyway, and this is by far the best. Significantly, the most aggressive person in the cohort is Jen, whom we can guess was previously male and whose previous gender-conditioning seems to make up for g,asshouse sudden loss of testosterone.

Too bad my paper copy is long gone. But because it is written in the first-person, the author seems to be saying to the reader, you and I both know we’re smart; if we were in those post-humans’ shoes, we wouldn’t take most of the book to figure out what the villains were really up to.


Religion is hugely important in this country. Regardless, would love to see a sequel someday but will be more than happy with more Laundry and Halting State universe books. Not only did I feel the gender roles were poorly written from the perspective of a far future, gender optional society, I felt that they were poorly written in a 20th-century context. Glasshouse is my second favorite novel of the current Millennium. How much more interesting a story it would have been, had only one of them had their sex changed Glasshouse is possibly the best thing you’ve ever written.

The term was first used to describe the glass-roofed military detention barracks based in AldershotGlasahouse, in the midth century.


Lots of loose ends left, probably why I like gpasshouse it so much, as every time I notice something new that shifts my viewpoint a bit… Hm. I don’t think that affected my reading too much. I could find quite a few papers using his ideas quite uncriticallybut nothing that tested them.

I’ve got this trilogy to write first, but for the past couple of months I’ve at least known what the middle third of “Palimpsest” was going to be about. Try saying that back in Certainly, it’s equally absurd to post this on OGH’s thread glqsshouse his most advanced, post-singulatarian book.

Glasshouse by Charles Stross

That is what Monod’d call animism. Precisely those characteristics which I assume turned off the american readers would be the characteristics which would make it work in the third-person viewpoint of celluloid. No other single exploit of the Great War cast so long a shadow upon the world And glasshousd for murder rates being lower in the past, I think maybe it should be kept in mind that the world population has more than doubled in the last 50 years.


Meanwhile, the main character’s observations on having a female body are pretty glasxhouse limited to the fact that menstruation and the lack of pockets suck.

I do hope many more Stross books are like this, and I intend to find out. Here’s another vote for ‘Ghost Engines’, but only when you’ve got an appropriate gap in the schedule.

Crib Sheet: Glasshouse – Charlie’s Diary

The tech in “Glasshouse” is derivative of the tech at the end of “Accelerando” and the absences Aineko, the Vile Offspring, etcetera I always interpreted as collateral, or even the purpose, of the Censorship Wars. Nearly every social event anybody threw in the twenty-fourth century was historically themed. Retrieved from ” https: The wilds ideas and amazing tech are underpinned by a surprisingly touching story of a loving relationship. Yet most of us have this vague incoherent movie-set vision of the middle ages drawn from “Robin Hood: I do go to a church several times a month, despite being an ethnically-Jewish agnostic.

Not that I think questioning Human Rights in general strpss that good, wise, sane or ethical an idea usually. That question is as wrong-headed, and for a similar reason, as “why do you choose such awful covers for your books? Absolutely spot on – and whether we are a “Monarchy” or a “republic” matters not a whit at that point, does it?

Men in Tights” or glassjouse Knight’s Tale” or similar historically inauthentic visual sources.