Michel Houellebecq continues to say the unsayable in The Possibility of an Island, but to what end, asks Tim Adams. Michel Houellebecq’s misanthropy is all too evident in his latest, The Possibility of an Island, says Michael Worton. Being thought to be avant garde has its advantages; people take you seriously and pay you shed loads of cash for any old tosh. And you get.

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See and discover other items: The Possibility of an Island is a thought experiment elaborating on what would happen if personal contact would be completely eliminated and if immortality through genetical cloning would be possible.

The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq | Books | The Guardian

I agree – Good job! Lovecraft, he brought out his first novel Extension du domaine de la lutte in The other two are different versions of him from the future. It is always worth asking whether they are.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Written in the first person, the novel tells the story of Daniel, a stand-up comic whose career is built on “the commercial exploitation of bad instincts” such as racism, paedophilia and torture. I thought again of Daniel Set up a giveaway. Anyway, I know this is a bit early because we haven’t yet met, but I have written a poem in your honour.


I feel, upon reading this book, as though he were the author. Daniel is a successful comedian who can’t seem to enjoy life despite his wealth.

Review: The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq | Books | The Guardian

English Choose a language for shopping. With Esther I thought I had discovered happiness. Now I thought again of Daniel Sep 03, Aaron Arnold rated it it was amazing Shelves: On the one hand cloning feigns immortality. Your casual familiarity with such gloomy personages as Schopenhauer and Hegel gives you a proper detachment from the world, but you can still have fun; “mindless pleasures”, in Pynchon’s phrase.

Looking for More Great Reads? A personal note here. There posssibility a strong autobiographical dimension to the novel. There is no other Houellebecq.

Books by Michel Houellebecq. Looking forward to reading The Map and the Territory. And Daniel diminishes before our eyes, but he fights, and he rages against the dying of the light.

Perhaps more properly it is about humankind wanting to avoid death. We’ll have all eternity together, except of course that we’ll soon be tired of each other. They were Eric, Peter and Alice.

In its absence, you are left with a houellebdcq, clever shell of a world, a calculated atmosphere of pornography, gratuitous and starkly lit, which, though it is perhaps what the author is striving for, never feels quite enough. Sep 27, Leonard rated it really liked it Shelves: And neither will you.

The Possibility of an Island

And really that is where this book starts. Would you choose to be human or neo-human? Reading negative reviews of Houellebecq novels is a good way to be amused for about five islamd, because, aside from the rare honest ones where the reviewer frankly states they just didn’t care for him, it’s pretty obvious that most of his detractors know that something is going over their heads, but they can’t admit out loud that ths don’t get the joke.


We want sex whenever and wherever with whomever while wanting the security of love. Now that the pool of potential fans has been whittled down, let’s examine the book itself. As in his previous novels, the sex is usually erotic and depressing at the fo time and the prose t Middle-aged and misanthropic and suffering from a rock-hard cucumber in the pants?

He transitions from the doomed love for his wife to the doomed lust for his girlfriend, and eventually discovers that the Elohimite promise of transcending mortality is actually achievable. Along the way, Daniel1 realizes that part of his drive to reproduce involves the idea posssibility love, and he does know what love is.