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IPC Moisture Sensitivity Classification for Non-IC Components. Content Provider Association Connecting Electronics Industries [IPC]. IPC, PWB Assembly Sol- dering Process Guideline for. Electronic Components. • IPC, Moisture Sensitiv- ity Classification for Non-IC. Components. and Use of Moisture/Reflow Sensitive Surface Mount Devices). This standard supersedes IPC Developed by ECA, IPC and JEDEC.

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The carrier shall have removable stops on each end and shall prevent the components from shifting in any direction.

Use of newsprint, excelsior, or loosed fill expanded polystyrene shall be avoided as a means of cushioning. If there are any questions contact Microwave Manufacturing Engineering.

Packaging Requirement Codes

Parts must be loaded consecutively from left to right, proceeding from top to bottom as viewed with the notch of the waffle pack positioned in the upper left hand corner with a consistent separation between rows and columns.

All components must be loaded into black static dissipative 2″x2″ waffle packs. Static generating materials should be avoided. Gel Trays must be labeled on the cover and the bottom of the base with the supplier lot number and part number, PO number and BAE part number. Each moisture barrier bag shall be marked with the part number, date code, quantity, and serial numbers of the PWBs enclosed.


Items that are ESD sensitive shall be individually, electrostatically protected using appropriate industrial practices.

Moisture content may be assured by documented process controls or appropriate testing. Tubes Only General Requirements: Do not handle with bare hands; use clean, lint free cotton gloves when handling. SMI only Ic Requirements: A maximum of 5 devices shall be contained in a tray.

IPC – Moisture Sensitivity Classification for Non-IC Components

The Gel retention level must be the minimum required to hold the component with a mesh size that adequately supports the component and allows the component to be released with vacuum applied. Solid board packaging is ideal for achieving exclusive. The carrier shall be designed such that the component does not ipv when the carrier is opened and the lead configuration does not change once the component is removed from the carrier.

Parts do not have to be pre-oriented, but must be face up. Moisture Sensitive devices shall be packaged in moisture proof, conductive material or packaged in moisture proof antistatic material with external conductive field shielding barrier.

Matrix Tray General Requirements: So typically paper as it enters the waste stream Tray capacity will be indicated on the purchase request. Preferred cavity depth should not exceed 95003 than 20 mils above the top of the component.


Packaging Requirement Codes

An exception for through-hole radial components, bulkhead-mounted connectors, and cable connectors is best commercial practice.

Components will be covered with a lint free filter paper insert s between the top of the component and the bottom of the cover.

Moisture content prior to packaging shall not exceed 0. With the notch of the waffle pack in the upper left hand corner, parts must be loaded left to right, and top to bottom.

A carrier that holds multiple components in a row. If there are any questions contact Microwave Manufacturing Engineering 6. This code shall only be used on product provided by through Integrated Supplier Partnering Agreements.

Once a Tray is chosen all components of that size for the entire P. All waffle packs containing pic that are ESD sensitive diodes, integrated circuits, etc. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The lid must be capable of being removed without disturbing the parts within the tray and the part no. Use of individual bags or containers shall be used to insure adequate protection from physical contact with other parts.