I on the other hand enjoyed Itzykson & Zuber’s textbook. It was very clear, . Real men learn QFT from the collected works of Julian Schwinger. Itzykson C., Zuber J.B., Quantum field theory. One of my personal This book will teach you that there is another way to do QFT. One that is. C. Itzykson and J.-B. Zuber, Quantum Field Theory, McGraw-Hill, Corresponding chapters in books of Ryder, Peskin & Schroeder and Srednicki.

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The presentation is clear and well-written.

Quantum Field Theory

April 14, at 6: There were just some sections that didn’t quite “click” for me, but some parts were very lucid. Beginners may find the book slightly too demanding on a first read due to the level of detail and generality it contains. I also like Altland’s Condensed Matter Field Theory, but Itzzykson am a condensed matter theorist, not a high-energy theorist, so it’s naturally a little more up my alley. Weak Interactions and Modern Particle Theory.

My belief is that one should have itzykkson many QFT books as possible because different ways of expressing the same theory help one in understanding. Abrikosov, Gor’kov, and Dzyaloshinskii is really the classic text for condensed matter zber and lays for the foundation for damn near everything afterwards.


Thanks for the recommendations. Some explanations in that book are too cryptic for the beginner in my opinion. I believe this must have been asked at least thrice already, in one form or another. And will kill all motivation to pursue. Want to add to the discussion? Day Post Mon What are you working on?

Quantum Field Theory

The text is more of a novel than a comprehensive course. Everything is explained from first principles. One of the high energy theorists at my school uses his own text when he teaches QFT.

Academic publications Links to papers in physics journals free or otherwise are welcome. As an example in chapter 9 when they introduce functional methods, they set out to calculate feynman rules for scalar qtf, but itzykeon using the generating functional. I very much recommend giving it a read. Again, be prepared to put in a lot of work and if you’re left scratching your head never hesitate to post on physicsforums or physics.

New Quantum Field Theory Textbook

Posts should be pertinent and generate a discussion about physics. I felt the same way about it – it seemed like a series of vignettes with no continuous train of thought, skipping most of the details along the way.

Also, all the books by greiner are really good to learn from because they have ALOT of worked examples I highly recommend the book for anyone who wants to seriously learn quantum field theory. It was very clear, easy to read, complete and intuitive.


This is my favorite. Weinberg has an amazing physical understanding and developed a major part of QFT. It provides a good intro to the subject. The book by Zee, Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshellis good for someone with background on gravity and condense matter, but will mess up the beginner’s mind with bombarding of variety of topic.

To do so they define a lattice and itzyksin a Fourier series transformation on the field variables. Peskin and Schroeder is fine, in my opinion.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You just have to go through one, not understand half of it, and then go through another and you might understand a good deal of it by the end.

itzkson Off topic, some old news about Fomenko: Altland and Simons is a new textbook that takes a very modern approach to condensed matter theory and introduces a number of QFT methods usually associated with the high energy side.

Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics.