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Practical intercomparisons of this dosimeter with bulb-type CaF 2 detectors have been performed showing good agreement of both detector.

With casings made of ABS resin, the external dimensions are 76 mm x 46 mm. The experimental results are compared with calculated results.

It is reported both on experimental experiences achieved as well as on the results of basic discussions that in return influence the discussion about the necessary outfit of personnel TL dosemeters. Multi- and thin element dosimeters, variable heating rate schemes, and glow-curve analysis have been employed to improve environmental and personnel dosimetry using thermoluminescent detectors TLDs.

Centralized TLD service and record keeping in Canada. Progress report, April–June Along with studying the dosimetrical and apparative parameters, the question has been discussed to which monitoring philosophy these TLD systems seem to fit. Overall, the neural network dose algorithm approach has been shown to significantly improve the precision and accuracy of dose calculations.

The information on the punched tape includes a ten digit social-security number and a two digit information on location and type of dosimetry. The aim of the current study was to compare the thermoluminescent dosimeters LiF: It is intended to broaden the method and to control also beam parameters by means of a multi-purpose phantom.

The interfacing electronics, the control algorithms and the developed programs of a microcomputer controlled automated TLD reader are described.

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Also, there is the calibration for determination the time of irradiation, according to glow curve deconvolution. A small, portable, vibration and shock resistant thermoluminescent dosemeter TLD system was developed to measure the cosmic radiation dose al board of a spacecraft. Dy-teflon detectors placed in TL-badges and shielded on both sides by energy compensation filters composed of lead and tin. In4 audits performed in reference conditions were carried out 68 60 Co units participated in the audits, 61 of them with deviation within the acceptable interval in their first participation, meanwhile 1 got this deviation in repeated audits, after the follow up performed by the Medical Physic Group.


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The TLD reader can operate on a battery; its electrical power consumption is about 5 W, its volume is about 1 dm 3 and its mass is about 1 kg. When substantial differences exist in exposures recorded by TLD ‘s and DRD’s, it is often necessary to perform an exposure investigation to reconcile the difference. Thermoluminescence dosimeters TLDs are used as transfer devices in this programme. Therefore, the effective dose for population of Rawalpindi from indoor gamma radiation was estimated to be Its high sensitivity to radiation 1 mRcheapness, commercial availability, non-toxicity, chemical stability, an atomic number of near tissue equivalence, and resistance to thermal fading, suggest that it should, by now, have found widespread acceptance as a TLD phosphor.

A new TLD system for space research. The radiological properties of these TLDs are therefore of significant interest. Mg,Cu,P thermoluminescent dosemeters; Comparacao das caracteristicas dos dosimetros termoluminescentes LiF: In Bangladesh, only six 60 Co units and five deep therapy machines are in use. The paper deals with practice and performance of postal TLD audits in radiotherapy with emphasis on the possibilities of application of the advanced versions that were developed following up technological progress in radiotherapy.

El Hombre y su Ambiente. The study of new calibration features in the Harshaw TLD system. The Czech thermoluminescent dosimeters TLD quality assurance network was established in The neural network algorithm is shown the expected dose values output associated with a given response of a multi-element dosimeter input many times. The doses delivered to the TLDs were rechecked by diode detector and film dosimetry and compared to the computer-generated dose profile.


TLD system for the monitoring of the environmental radioactivity.

However, some solid-state dosimeters allow simultaneous measurements of X-ray’s parameters, among which the HVL. High-energy linacs produce secondary particles such nisoginia neutrons photoneutron production.

This high capacity reader will automatically read fourteen hundred TLD Cards in one loading. Tests were realized, for this purpose, such as: In this work it was used twenty four TLD in order to obtain eight values of doses from a diagnostic X-ray equipment. The test procedures included dosimetric performance, reliability, handling speed and throughput, and additional information such as glow curve evaluation etc. The results show a close agreement between the dose measuered by the two dosimeters.

Navajo County Arizona

Effects of phosphor proportion and grain size on metcedes photon energy dependence of CaSO 4: Energy spectra of SR ranged up to the energy of direct radiation beam.

An authorized auditing group was created as a body of the National Radiation Protection Institute. TLD technique characterized by high precision and reproducibility of mecedes measurement is presented by addressing pre-readout annealing, group sorting, misogiina evaluation, blind tests, internal dose quality audit and external quality control audits.

Although we have observed a greater variation between measurements obtained using the bar-pattern, the simplicity of this measuring technique favors the common use of the same. Stability of readings is maintained with the temperature stabilized light source. Another new version, the NAE, has been developed for environmental dosimetry; it can be operated from a battery or from the mains.