Tai išnykstanti rūšis, įrašyta į Latvijos, Estijos, Lenkijos, Baltarusijos bei Lietuvos raudonąsias knygas. Lietuvos raudonoji knyga. Red Data Book of Lithuania. Lietuvos raudonoji knyga []. Balevičienė, Jūratė. Lietuvos Respublikos aplinkos apsaugos departamentas [Corporate Author]. Access the full text. Red Data Book of Lithuania – Lietuvos raudonoji knyga: Rare and Endangered Species of Animals, Plants and Fungi – Retosios ir nykstancios gyvunu, augalu.

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Guidance for conservation of macrofungi in Europe. A total of species of macromycetes and 33 species and intraspecific taxa of myxomycetes were recorded. New additions to the Library collection My Neanderthal heritage: Tony French on 60 second staff encounters: Hosne Ara and Bushra Khan Dacca: In this first release of the most heavily annotated books have been raudoniji available.

Macromycetes and myxomycetes of Asveja Regional park (Lithuania)

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment library nhm. Cherry was responsible for some of the first motion pictures of animals in the wild. An 11 month project has started to unlock an incredible artwork collection originally commissioned by Thomas Hardwicke. The images are of interest as much for their subject matter as for the art techniques used, including the use of gum arabic on some of the more polished drawings. Cherry Kearton and his brother Richardpioneered the use of wildlife photography.


Lietuvos raudonoji knyga

User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. The subjects covered nearly every group of the animal kingdom. He started a collection of zoological specimens and amassed a large collection of paintings of animals, insects and birds.

There is plenty of evidence that they also drew living animals. An on-line nomenclatural information system of Eumycetozoa. Boyce ; [series editor: Getty Research Institute, Five species, Eocronartium muscicola, Mycena megaspora, Neobulgaria pura, Pachyella lietugos and Skeletocutis papyracea, were reported for the first time in Lithuania. This ‘Natural History’ consists of 37 sections and is an encyclopedia of learning and art connected with nature.

Distribution of Boros schneideri (Panzer, 1796) (Coleoptera, Boridae) in Lithuania

Lietuvis and European mammals: Ledizioni-Ledipublishing, Z P. The National Sea-watching Workshop, 11 November BirdLife International, Jonathan Elphick.

The online transcribed marginalia relies on the work of two scholars, Mario A.

Studies in Ecology, Vol 5. Freeman and Noble, D. Type specimens of birds in the American Museum of Natural History.


This resulted in a large collection of photographs, negatives and film, some of which were presented raudonoii the NHM Library by the Kearton family in Developing a comprehensive strategy for fungal conservation in Europe: This BHL special collection draws on original copies and surrogates from other libraries.

Distribution and habitats of rare and endangered fungus and myxomycete species are discussed. In from the cold: Image from Cambridge University Library. They experimented with photography and devised many ingenious ways to camouflage themselves to get very close to animals in their natural habitat. Macromycetes and myxomycetes of Asveja Regional park Lithuania. The Hardwicke collection of drawings has a fascinating history. Woodland Key Habitat Inventory in Lithuania.

Braje and Torben C.