Linda Martín Alcoff’s book, Visible Identities, offers a conception of social identities that collects together her work on the metaphysics. Alcoff, Linda. Visible identities:race, gender, and the self/Linda Martın Alcoff. p. cm.—(Studies in feminist philosophy). Includes bibliographical references and. PDF | On Mar 1, , David Ingram and others published Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self by Linda Alcoff.

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Her arguments, however, do not address the metaphysical arguments of those who question the objective existence of at least one of the central categories of her analysis. The Identity Crisis in Feminist Theory.

Of course, the familiarity of the latter idea is due in no small part to the influence that her essay “Mestizo Identity” has had on race ilnda. The upshot of these features of her account is to further weaken the three objections she analyzes, especially the assumption that such identities lead to narrow, isolated, and separated self-conceptions that undermine national political life. This insistence is malicious and exclusionary when it is put forward by a society that cultivates what Charles Mills called an epistemology of ignorance about the social role and presence of gender and race, and the historical place of those categories in the formation of modern liberal democracies.

Identity and Individual Economic Agents: Our experience of our identities is not as a mere concept or category; they are the experiences of our bodies in our social worlds, of our embodied visibility.

Academic Skip to main content. The idea of visibility has a unifying role in Alcoff’s metaphysical and epistemological account of those social identities. Alcoff’s introduction of embodiment then reminds us of the specificity of the experience of each category, and the need to account for that specificity in our theories of race, ethnicity, and gender.


Drawing on both philosophical sources as well as theories and empirical studies in the social sciences, Martin Alcoff makes a strong case that identities are not like special interests, nor are they In the heated debates over identity politics, few theorists have looked carefully at the conceptualizations of identity assumed by all sides. The desire of those communities to conserve their identities presents a challenge to those liberals who want to shift the national discussion to unity and the common good.

Paperbackpages. Philosophical Issues of Identity and Justice.

Furthermore, not only do our bodies affect our experience of the world but our bodies, as marked by race and gender, identitiea enter into the experience of others. Race, Gender, and the Self.

Visible Identities

Sign in to use this feature. Social Identity in Metaphysics. Classical, Early, and Medieval Plays and Playwrights: In that analysis she avoids, however, the dangers of the institutionalization of those identities, which precisely lead to critiques of identity politics. She defends a dialogical account of the self that incorporates her use of hermeneutics and phenomenology, and argues that individuals participate in multiple and hybrid identities.

Trivia About Visible Identitie Alcoff responds to these problems and reveals the flaws in their related assumptions by drawing on an array of continental philosophy, hermeneutics, phenomenology, race and gender theory, and feminist epistemology to develop her own theory of identity.

Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self – Oxford Scholarship

A new and controversial theory that Latino identity is not simply ethnic but also racial An argument against racial eliminitivism.

Under the terms of the identiities agreement, an individual user may print out a PDF of a single chapter of a monograph in OSO for personal use for details see www. But identities such as race and gender also have a powerful visual and material aspect that eliminativists and social constructionists often underestimate.


Martin Alcoff develops a more realistic characterization of identity in general through combining phenomenological approaches to embodiment with hermeneutic concepts of the interpretive horizon.

On the Epistemic Costs of Implicit Bias. The rise of mixed race consciousness and the claiming of the identity by an increasing number of multiracial youth, who otherwise would have been considered to be a member of “just” one race, has been met with widespread suspicion, criticism, and active opposition from such institutional forces as the NAACP and La Raza.

Linda Martn Alcoff, Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self – PhilPapers

To ask other readers questions about Visible Identitiesplease sign up. However, there is a tension in her work between the radical particularity of identity in her account of racial embodiment, and her account of the role of social identities within democracy.

What she gives us is how race is experienced as identitkes, but she has not established its reality. Latinos and the categories of race ; Latinos, Asian Americans, and the black-white binary ; On being mixed. Mary Alice Martin rated it liked it Oct 04, Hannah Levinson rated it really liked it Mar 22, Secondly, for Alcoff, the identities of race and gender are embodied and visible to the world. Visible Allcoff offers a careful analysis of the political and philosophical worries about identity and argues that these worries are neither supported by the empirical data nor grounded in realistic understandings of what identities are.

Melissa rated it liked it Dec 17,