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Benshaw Solid State Starter With Sep

The interconnection wiring in the case of motor starting is significant because in normal industrial motor control applications, the wiring size required to handle full motor current conditions is quite large. The starter control assembly of claim 15 having a stationary line contact mounted on each of said line heat sinks, and having three movable line contacts that can selectively engage said stationary line contact to establish an incoming path between said connector means and said line heat sink.

Incoming heat sink 22 is generally parallel spaced from outgoing heat sink In the preferred embodiment semiconductor devices 30a and 30b would be thyristors or silicon controlled rectifiers having well known gating circuits which control the “on time” to coordinate with the desired load characteristics.

A three phase load, such as a three phase motor, could be connected between outgoing connectors 20b, 20d, 20f. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Use of solid state devices has permitted present solid state motor starters to function without the need for external resistors. Except for the gating circuits all elements of the starter are mounted on the heat sink.

Special Controls

The above starte and solenoids can be directly mounted to a heat sink assembly thereby providing the benefits of unitized construction. Three devices similar to 11a could be used to create a three phase motor starter.

The starter control assembly of claim 7 wherein said solenoid means is mounted on at least one of said heat sinks and electrically insulated from said at least one heat sink. The solenoid 8 is a electrically operated device which keeps movable contact 7 in a normally open position and when actuated, causes the movable contact 7 to be electrically and physically connected to contacts 6a to 6b.


The complete assembly is isolated from electrical contact via mounting insulating feet 46a, 46b, 46c and 46d. By varying the resistance between the line and the load, a controlled application of power could be achieved to an AC motor. The movable frame 35, as seen in FIG.

Solid state motor starter – Benshaw, Inc.

Benshaw manufactures a sharter range of medium voltage solid state motor controls to suit your application requirements. Rectangular frame 28 is preferably made of an insulating material which provides guidance to the movable contact 26 so as to properly and reliably align the movable contact bar 26 with the stationary benshsw 24 and The starter control assembly of claim 22 further including at least one electric solenoid operably connected to move at least one of said movable line contacts.

Mounting assembly for semiconductive controlled rectifiers. One such means is shown in which limit switch 40 has a roller portion which contacts the insulated frame When the solenoid 34 is deenergized, return spring 34 pushes frame 35 upward causing the movable contact 37 to disengage physical and electrical contact with the stationary contacts 38 and The starter control assembly of claim 21 wherein said stationary line contacts includes a rigid bracket extending generally perpendicular to the surface of the heat sinks and having a renewable wear surface of electrically conducting material attached thereto.

Trigger speed control switch. The current path during conductance is from incoming line connector 20a to stationary contact 16b through movable contactor bar 17a which is operated by line solenoid 18a to engage both contact 16a and 16b.

This shunting path between adjacent heat sinks created by stationary contact 4a, bar starte, and stationary contact 4b would then carry the load current between the adjacent heat sinks 2a and 2b.

A stationary contact mounted on the incoming heat sink similarly provides for the incoming line contactor function without the necessity of wiring to a separate stand alone device. The starter control of claim 11 wherein said connector means includes lug means for connecting an electrical conductor and an associated staet contact rigidly and electrically connected to said lug means; and said lug benahaw and benshaww associated stationary contact being rigidly mounted to said line heat sink and electrically insulated from said line heat sink when said movable line contact is in a disengaged state.


Therefore, any reduction in interconnection wiring can result in a significant sate saving in the respective motor control enclosures. When full voltage operation and reduced heating is desired, solenoid 19a is energized causing shorting bar 15a to contact stationary contacts 14a and 14b mounted on the respective heat sinks 12a and 12b. This device acts as an electrically operable mechanical disconnect of the line from the load.

Current is conducted from respective thyristors 13a and 13b via load heat sink 12b to lug 20b which can be connected to one phase of the load.

Get best deals for coconut. Contacts 4a, 4b are stationary and directly mounted to respective heat sinks 2a, 2b. In addition to the bypass contactor, many motor starter applications also require an in-line contactor. Benshaw manufactures a wide range of low voltage solid state motor controls. Semiconductor devices 30a and 30b are clamped within the space between heat sinks 22 and When desired, solenoid 19b is actuated, shunting bar 15c engages stationary contacts 14e and 14f which are respectively mounted on heat sinks 12e and 12f causing a shunting current path between the heat sinks which is parallel to the stadter gated current flow via semiconductors 13e and 13f.