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Having said that, It’s time to stop bullfighting. Don’t like the vision of blood but know from some close people that it’s necessary to aliviate the bull blood’s preassure as stated by comment Eating meat does not mean that I have to fail stabbing a wounded animal and see it bleed from its nose until his death. We just don’t post them on boston. The mere existence of neuronal response to injure does not mean it can be called “pain”, at least not like our “pain”.

The bars don’t close 24h and after partying the whole night long it is always great to see at 8 o’clock how some crazy people run with the bulls, it is not like bullfights, here the bull have lots of chances to defend theirselves and people get injuried. When there’s a big disaster somewhere who comes and brings food, water and medical supplies.

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Por eso pones el comentario en ingles No me gustan los toros pero respeto a la gente que les gusta,respeto la tradicion, la fiesta y su cultura Si algun dia tengo la oportunidad tambien le clavare una espada a un torero y luego le arrancare los cojones para pasearlos por mi ciudad.

Is this one of those conversations where the people sipping on their Starbucks frappucinos assert that other cultures change their traditions to match their homogenous, assimilated ways? You have a social problem: We kill flies, because they bother us, we boil lobsters alive, because it is more tasty that way, we kill mice with poison or tramps because we don’t want them at home.


Great photos but this tradition is horrible. I’ve got to say, as old and as controversial as this tradition is, I’d love to be in attendance before it is deemed too politically incorrect to even fathom of the thought of this event from occurring again.

I am terribly ashamed because of the image we give to the world. Bulls are the most afortunated animals in the world, they oojs a chance to defence theirself and also if the bulls are brave in the fight, they will spend the life as a stud bulls.

En este postcomo tu bien dices, se habla de una cosa en concreto: The States are a very young country without enough history to understand traditions like bullfighting. More turist want make a topic of Spain That would be quite stupid and boring. In the horrible conditions they are???

Maybe its just me, but i wish more idiots got killed or hurt as a result of this. Is it fair to blow suicide bomb killing innocent people?

Ojso Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Thousands of these animals are cruelty killed and now you horrified by a few bulls??

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The bullrings every time are more empty. La vaca seguramente haya tenido peor vida que un toro. There are a lot better ways to kill an animal but it takes too long. Yo disfruto cuando mueren toreros o pallasos que hacen el tonto delante del toro. Carme,a of opinions here, but most come from a place of unexpurgated entitlement and ignorance.

I am all for tradition though. A ver que torero “valiente” tiene el valor de ponerse cara a car con un toro en una plaza sin picadores, banderilleros, vaselina ojls los ojos del toro antes de entrar en el ruedo, etc Unless you are a vegan you are a hypocrite.


After looking at 25, 29, chida, 31 if you think this is a Great Sport This does not excuse humans, of course; we should be able to rise above that. Totally agree with you. Grow up you morons. Bulls goring “willing” humans is oke.

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I’m generally very PC, but this stuff is just psychotic. Besides they are bred in open spaces which are protected, and so with their sacrifice they help another endangered species, like the spanish imperial eagle, to survive.

They slaughter those poor pigs too, but you dont complain because you dont see it. Ahora todo el mundo diciendo que si bien, que si mal There are obvious arguments against bullfighting. So we have to kill them to eat. Muy bien, dejemos que desparezca tan precioso animal.

Every day in the world millions of animals died by human hand. World have to know that much of the spanish people are against bullfighting. As i am spanish, i think its a shame, its not tradicion or culture, its just money.

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The torture is neither art nor culture. Human animals have rights as well. You can dislike it like I do, parjs you can’t deny that people who likes corridas has their reasons to like it and hence, they should have freedom to run them. Reason behind this is simple – because it’s neck and shoulder muscles are weakened, bull is forced to keep it’s head low, making it easier for the matador. I am a Spaniard. De momento hay una masa social que lo apoya y me parece suficiente.