Daintiest dynamos [nuclear microbatteries]. Thumbnail. File(s). ( Mb). Date. Author. Lal, Amit. Blanchard, Jake P. Publisher. IEEE. Metadata. Key, Value, Language. , Lal, Amit, en_US. butor. author, Blanchard, Jake P. en_US. ioned, TZ. Explore Nuclear Batteries-Daintiest Dynamos with Free Download of be overcome up to a large extend by the use of nuclear micro batteries.

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PPT on Nuclear Microbatteries

Due to this force the cantilever bends down. Absorbed radiation creates electron-hole pair which in turn results in the generation of electric current. Copper sheet becomes negatively charged. The operations of both are explained below one by one. But all these approaches have some difficulties regarding low energy densities, elimination of by products, down scaling and recharging. To gain social acceptance.

Also above this cantilever there is a piezoelectric plate. The following figure shows the experimental dainitest.

Some groups are developing micro fuel cells than, like their micro scale counter parts, consume hydrogen to produce electricity. The idea of nuclear battery was introduced in the beginning ofand was patented on March 3rd, to Tracer lab.

Beta particles emitted by radioactive gas is captured in Silicon wafer coated with diode material. So the scientists had to find some other ways of converting nuclear energy into electric energy. Understanding the terms used. Automobiles No need for frequent recharging as in case of present electric vehicles. Browns first prototype power cell producedtimes as much energy per gram of strontium the energy source than the most powerful thermal battery yet in microbatterries.

PPT on Nuclear Microbatteries

Nuclear batteries increase functionality, reliability and longevity. Micro electro mechanical systems MEMS comprise a rapidly expanding research field with potential applications varying from sensors in air bags, wrist-warn GPS receivers, and matchbox size digital cameras to more recent optical applications.


The micorbatteries stresses of the bend unbalances the charge distribution inside the piezoelectric daintlest structure, producing a voltage in electrodes attached to the top and bottom of the crystal. As the charge is collected, the deflection of a cantilever beam increases until it contacts a grounded element, thus discharging the beam and causing it to return to its original position. NASA is trying to harness this technology in space applications. The word ‘dainty’ means pretty.

The self-reciprocating cantilever consists of a radioactive source of thickness very small and of area 4square mm. One is junction type battery and the other is self-reciprocating cantilever. This concept involves a more microbztteries use of the charged particles produced by the decay of the radio active source: Nuclear batteries use the incredible amount of energy released naturally by tiny bits of radio active material without any fission or fusion taking place inside the battery.

Nuclear powered laptop battery Xcell-N has times more life than normal laptop batteries. Scientists have developed two types of micro nuclear batteries. Its free end is able to move up and down. New microbatteries a boost for electronics. It is then covered with a black box to shield it from the light. So the self-reciprocating cantilever type nuclear batteries are also called as radioactive piezoelectric generator.

A ppt on natural disaster and safty risks at nuclear power plant Environment. This has been tested experimentally. Fuel and Solar cells are expensive and requires sunlight respectively.

Energy Production Mechanism 5.

Batteries of the near future. At that moment, electrons flow back to the source, and the electrostatic attractive force vanishes.

The concerned p-n junction has 13 micro machine channels and the total junction area is dynzmos Batteries should have reliability and longevity to avoid frequent replacements. Nuclear Battery uses emissions from radioisotope to generate electricity. Published on Apr View Download 7.


Compact and lighter in weight. Avoidance of gamma in the decay chain Half life Should be more Cost should be less. LC circuit produces the oscillations required for transformer operation. The emitted beta particles ionized the diode’s atoms, exciting unpaired electrons and holes that are separated at the vicinity of the p-n interface.

Radiations Alpha – These are fast moving helium atoms. The kind of nuclear dynamso directly converts the high-energy particles emitted by a radioactive source into an electric current.

After a brief period — whose length depends on the shape and material of the cantilever and the initial size of the gap- the cantilever come close enough to the source to discharge the accumulated electrons by direct contact. In the quest to boost micro scale power generation several groups have turn their efforts to well known enable sources, namely hydrogen and hydrocarbon fuels such as propane, methane, gasoline and diesel.

As the Ni decays it emits beta particles, which are high-energy electrons that spontaneously fly out of the radioisotope’s unstable nucleus. A radio isotope electric power system was developed by inventor Paul Saintiest which was a scientific break through in nuclear power.

Any radioisotope in the form of a daintest that gives off alpha or beta particles can be utilized in the nuclear battery. They typically have energies in the range of a few hundred keV to several MeV. Uses energy from beta particles.

As shown in figure a number of bulk-etched channels have been Micro machined in this p-n junction. These electrons get collected on the copper sheet.

The diagram of a micro machined p-n junction is shown below.