tions 4 through 7 of the USAF Stability and Control Datcom (revised April. ). The report consists of the following three volumes: o Volume I, Users Manual. This report is a collection, correlation, codification, and recording of best knowledge, opinion, and judgment in the area of aerodynamic stability and control. contract FC, which automated Sections 4 and 5 of the USAF Sta- bility and Control Datcom; AFFDL TR produced under contract.

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DATCOM does not require that the origin for the aircraft has to be the nose of the aircraft; any arbitrary point will do, but all of the dimensions need to be referenced from that point. It presents substantiated techniques for use 1 early in the design or concept study phase, 2 to evaluate changes resulting from proposed engineering fixes, and 3 as a training on cross-training aid. Click the button below to return to the English version of the page.

This Collection contains the following information.

USAF Digital Datcom

This problem can be overcome by using experimental data for the wing-body using non-straight tapered wing. If wing-alone test data are available, it is obvious that these test data should be substituted in place of the estimated wing-alone characteristics in determining the lift-curve slope of the combination.


Drag due to grooves in a flat plate with a turbulent boundary layer, at subsonic and supersonic speeds A Summary Table of Contents.

International Standard Atmosphere TM Drag due to a circular cavity in a plate with turbulent boundary layer at subsonic, transonic or supersonic speeds A This is machine translation Translated by. Articles lacking in-text citations from March All articles lacking in-text citations.

Three damage-configurations are studied at supersonic speeds. However, in its day, the program was an advanced estimation tool, and certainly much faster than plowing through pages and pages of engineering texts. Comparatively simple methods are presented in complete form, while the more complex methods are datckm handled by reference to separate treatments.

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Toolbox Toolbox home Aerodynamics: Raw results from the code provide good correlation with wind tunnel data at very low angles of attack, but accuracy deteriorates rapidly as the angle of attack increases.

Views Read Edit View history. A spectrum of methods is presented, ranging from very simple and easily applied techniques to quite accurate and thorough procedures. For any given configuration and flight condition, a complete set of stability and control derivatives can be determined without resort to outside information.

The canard must be specified as the forward lifting surface i.



The report consists of. The X- and Z- coordinates are needed for the winghorizontal tailand vertical tail in order for the aircraft to be synthesized correctly. This classification is summarized below: The book is intended to be used for preliminary design purposes before the acquisition of test data.

All Examples Functions More. It bridges the gap between theory and practice by including a combination of pertinent discussion and proven practical methods.

Retrieved from ” https: For supersonic analysis, additional parameters can be input. Tables which compare calculated results with test data provide indications of method fatcom.

The United Dactom Air Force Stability and Control DATCOM is a collection, correlation, codification, and recording of best knowledge, opinion, and judgment in the area of aerodynamic stability and control prediction methods. For any given flight condition and configuration the complete set of derivatives can be determined without resort to outside information.

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