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The reason for making these measurements was to get some insight into the magnitude of reduction of iodine con-centration due to deposition on building surfaces. Notice that it is possible to exist different tableau proofs for the same formula, depending on the order in which the tableau rules of the same type are applied.

Analytical results are given in-Appendix Tables B. Although the actual price of the Fund on the maturity date or at other times during the term of the securities may be higher than the Fund price on the valuation date, you will not benefit from the closing price of the Fund at any time other than the valuation date.

NUREG/CR-2348, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho

The borated water storage tank BWST can also be valved into the demineralizer loop. The average dirty filter 6 0 Co and 5 ‘Mn DF’s kere slightly lower at 1. During the purge, the valving was not changed to avoid causing crud bursts.

The securities will be debt obligations of Royal Bank of Cx16n. The only reason for this change is to exist a node that has been defined as closed in the meantime of the calculations of prs and prs0 for more details, we refer the reader to [7].

During non-refueling operations, the two significant sources of were systems 1 radiochemical and service area and 3 radwaste area. The equation used for normalization is: Expansion of a node. We cannot make any assurance that the future performance of the Fund or the trading prices of the common stocks held by the Fund will result in holders of the securities receiving a positive total return on their investment. Decontamination factors DF’s were calculated by dividing the nuclide concentrations measured in the effluent of the letdown filter Appendix Table B.


The tax treatment of the securities is uncertain and gain on the securities may be treated as ordinary income under the constructive ownership rules.

Furthermore, the strategy that is adopted, as far as the application of the rules is concerned, is that static rules are applied until none of them is applicable any more and then follows the application of the transitional rule.

Once saturation has occurred, the cesium DF will be 1. They system in the plant. In both cases, by definition of N see Definition 7. It can be seen from Table 2. No other company or entity will be responsible for payments under the securities or liable to holders of the securities in the event Royal Bank of Canada defaults under the securities.

This allows the condensate to be reused in any of a number of applications. These measurements were reported in reference 4. Each demineralizer is charged with 50 tank ft 3 of anion-cation resin and each resin bed has a surface area of During this spiking study, samples of the purification demineralizer effluent were taken hourly, along with samples of either the letdown filter effluent or the reactor coolant.

The feed solution is passed through one of two feed filters FA or FBthrough the preheater-gas stripper and into the evaporator feed tank. As node x is open, we know that function annx is non-cyclic. Decontamination factors Xs16n for the evaporator were calculated as the feed concentration divided by the distillate concentration for each series of samples taken during the measurement period.

The presented algorithm in [12] is the natural evolution of the one that Pratt proposed. Hot lab analyses performed by SMUD are included. Historical prices of the Fund should not be taken as an indication of the future prices of the Fund during the term of the securities.

The MWE concentrate is prepared for off-site disposal, and the distillate may be suitable for reuse in the reactor system. In the end, we show that a satisfiable node cannot be defined as closed due to an unfulfilled eventuality. Whenever epp is reason to argue separately for these rules, we do it. First, because the maturity payment amount will be determined based on the price of the Fund, the return on the vs16n will not take into account the value of any dividends that may be paid on the Fund or the common stocks held by the Fund.


Data on previously changed out charcoal exhaust filters indicated, respectively, methyl iodide removal efficiencies, for two separate charcoal filters, of Indicator and chart readout of temperature in the feed tank and at key points in the system are provided on the control equipment panel.

During concentrator operation with relatively high ppm boron feed, the desired concentrator boron concentration will be attained quickly and the concentrator operation will be continuous with cycling bottoms discharging. The specific algorithm is essentially the same with the one that is described in [8]. The amount will be the maturity payment amount, calculated as if the date of declaration of acceleration were the valuation date. Although the feed concentrations for the miscellaneous radwaste evaporator did not show large variations, the correlations still appear to be true when data from both evaporators are included as shown in section 5.

Analysis | #totalhash

We proceed as follows: It can be shown in a similar way with the previous case. As a result, the actual value you would receive if you sold the securities in any secondary market, ce16n any, should be expected to differ materially from our initial estimated value of your securities. Comparison of Tables 7.

Accordingly, if you sell your securities prior to maturity, you may have to sell them at a substantial loss. Neither we nor Wells Fargo Securities, LLC participates in the preparation of the publicly available documents described below.