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The piece itself is about 16 and a half minutes long and basically falls into a number of clearly defined sections.

There then follows scoe extended build up when the sense of change is palpable entries are marked ppp, but sense of measured heart beat is audible. Between and in particular there is some brilliant, almost mathematical technical work. Underscoring this all is an extended Marimba solo which becomes more and more complex as it heads to its conclusion and is joined finally by the xylophone and the remaining brass players.

Bb Trumpet I 2. Johan de Meij Amsterdam, September Instrumentation 1. It ends with a quote from Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony, before we come to what will be a section of writing that will surely be talked about for years to come.

Bb Clarinet I 6. Inthe orchestral version was premiered by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. This fragile movement is joined seamlessly to the finale, a canonic treatment of the theme.

In Tchaikovsky arranged this movement for cello and orchestra. Bb Trombone I T. Bb Bass Tuba B. Eb Baritone Neij 2.


Some of the technical writing is frightening in its difficulty and no one is spared.

Bass Trombone C 2. Bb Trumpet II 2. He is much in demand as a guest conductor: F Horn I 2. F Horn II 2. Johan de Meij is an extremely intelligent and thoughtful xetreme of note, who has written many fine original compositions, symphonic transcriptions and arrangements of film scores and musicals.

On the Site 4barsrest Shop Podcasts 4br Vision. Bb Bass Tuba T. F Horn III 2. In fact this section takes close on mmakeover minutes to play, but the effect can be spectacularly beautiful. Eb Alto Sax I 2.

Extreme Make-Over, Amstel Music – Hal Leonard Online

There is use of dynamic contrast as well as articulation nuance whilst the need for balance and extremw is paramount. It is certainly something different, but something that really does work well.

It does however go on a bit, and there is the thought that it is used in a way to give the ragged lips of the players a extree of a rest before they are asked for more pain in the final section of the work. He has won a number of international prizes and is recognised both in his home country and abroad as a composer of distinction.

Here lightness returns, but with complex undercurrents in the horns and baritones.

In Extreme Make-over this theme is introduced in its original form by a brass quartet consisting of two cornets, alto horn and euphonium. Eb Bass Tuba T.

Extreme Make-over (Score & Parts)

F Horn IV ds. His other larger compositions, such as Symphony no. It is however a work of real beauty and elegance allied to some amazingly complex technical writing.


Bb Trombone II T. Percussion Additional Parts [for European countries only] 1. Demo score Extreme Make Over Ha. Finally, at we come to final climax with a subtle little echo of the Overture underscored extreem the 3rd cornet and flugel and with the bells peeling. The middle section is a tad overlong and can be seen as an attempt to rest the players before the final onslaught. However, the metamorphosis quickens as we progress and the traditional fugue effect of added subjects becomes mixed.

It is marked Andante Cantabile as befits the original and could easily win or lose the contest for any band if approached in the wrong manner.

Again the volume throughout is high, so the key may well be to play it just below maximum as to create the effects that are written clearly into the score. Again and again little motifs and themes are heard and the detail in the writing is immense. Johan de Mzkeover Johan de Meij Born in Voorburg, studied trombone and conducting at the Royal Conservatory of Music at The Hague and has earned international fame as a composer and arranger. Eb Horn IV 2.

Bb Bass Clarinet 2. Eb Horn I 1.