Repairs and replacement parts To Order Please Call or Email: () ( ) () (After Hours) [email protected] BARTON Floco Meters, Floco Samplers and Pulse Transmitters. Floco Series F Meters Models F/F Cameron’s BARTON® Floco® Series F meter is a. True ‚¬Å“industry standards‚¬, Floco and Flotrac meters are staples in harsh environments that demand consistent, repeatable and rugged performance.

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Liquid Flowmeters A Guide for Selecting a Flowmeter for Pressurized Systems Selecting a meter requires a first-rate flloco assessment of the pressurized system and a meher evaluation of the capabilities. These couplings are furnished with restraint rings that, when affixed. The stainless steel containers include a mechanical level gauge. The special configuration of the metering chamber forces these streams into a series of vortices, causing the rotor assembly to rotate in direct proportion to the flow rate.

Rotary vane meters are often used in the petroleum and agricultural industries due to their rugged construction. Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Water Applications. See other items More The transmitter is offered in a standard non-clogging snub nose end, flush diaphragm or protected flush diaphragm with.

Can only meter liquids. No other More information. The ratio of oil and water being produced The ratio of dissolved gasses in heavy oil The physical and chemical properties of the flowing fluid As defined by API and ISO, the proportional-to-flow technique is superior to manual-grab sampling or automatic sampling based on time or event in producing representative results. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. The special design of the.

The Flotrac Meter is designed for flovo measuring volumes of low-viscosity liquids flowing at high pressure. The unique rotor design allows solid particles and sediment to pass through the meter without causing damage or malfunction. Rotor action is self-cleaning.


ARCA s comprehensive product portfolio More information. In dual-bellows models, the movable bellows are rigidly connected by a dual valve stem that passes through the centerplate. Fuel and Lube Oil sampling Equipment. A disc attached to a sphere is mounted inside a spherical chamber.

Cameron has done extensive testing to prove this meter design is immune from the effects of swirl and velocity profile asymmetry. One of the most. The sample size is easily adjusted and the sample interval can be adjusted by changing a gear within the sampler. The Floco F Series meter has proven itself to be a versatile unit that performs in a broad range of high viscosity fluids.

Rotary flowmeters are used for the measurement of a variety of fluids including gasoline, oils, liquefied petroleum fllco, industrial chemicals, solvents, corn syrup, and adhesives.

Minimum capacity improves with higher viscosities. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Meter Info

The Flotrac meter is a extremly durable unit that provides accurate, high-pressure measurement of low viscosity liquids. Section – Concrete Forms and. Modbus is a registered trademark of the Modbus Organization, Inc. The liquid then passes through the outlet port, which is aligned with the inlet port.

BARTON‚® Floco‚®/Flotrac‚® PD Meters – Lasindo Jaya

The 4″ VSP pump series is carefully designed and manufactured for maximum resistant. Pictured on the right is a handheld oval gear meter that is used in applications that require an accurate measurement of dispensed liquid volume.

This work shall consist of the construction of air release, cleanout, and sanitary sewer metre and the furnishing. The Floco meter can also be used to drive a proportional sampler to provide volume as well as product quality data.

Technical solutions and engineering are in accordance. The displacement meters rotate with the blocking meter to guide the fluid though the merer. Oval gear meters and impeller meters, shown below, operate in the same manner, but differ flocco the shape of the gears. Relatively complex design increases cost.


The Series F Meter measures liquid by separating it into equal portions and counting them. From the formulas and flodo within these publications, the relationships and values of flow, differential pressure, and plate bore are determined. Key Features Unpowered mechanical operation Suited to viscous fluids laden with solids 25, cp upper viscosity limit Optional integral sampler Optional electronic output.

Process liquid enters the metering chamber through the 1-in. The main fields of application are the water treatment, More information. Accuracy is adversely affected by viscosities below the meter’s designated threshold. Although the Model transmitter is not explosion-proof or agency-certified for hazardous areas, the reed switch is hermetically sealed for use in hazardous locations as allowed by local electrical code.

Consult for application guidance. There is no metal-to-metal contact between the rotors and housing walls, which prolongs the life of the flowmeter. Each mefer of the pin indicates a fixed volume of liquid has passed. As merer option, Cameron offers the Model with an economical powered coil for applications requiring a highamplitude 2V to 24V square wave signal.

The more vanes in the rotor, the higher the accuracy of a rotary vane meter at low flowrates.

It mounts on the side of a Floco meter and is mechanically driven by a gear train connected to the flow-driven rotor within the meter. Additionally, positive displacement flowmeters require no power and are capable of handling high pressures, entrained gases, mdter suspended solids.

The sideplates are A forged steel. The Series F meter does not require the installation of straight-run pipe upstream or downstream of the meter. Have one to sell?