Aircraft Systems Technical Memorandum GENPLOT – General Plotting Program. User Guide and Reference Manual. Version by. Download Citation on ResearchGate | GENPLOT (General Plotting Program) User Guide and Reference Manual Version | Program GENPLOT was. View Notes – Genplot manual-Getting Started from MSE at Cornell University. Getting Started with GENPLOT REQUIREMENTS THE USER GENPLOT is.

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This file can be saved in the users current directory or in a gneplot of the current directory. To set the line characteristics the following menu is displayed.

Coverts a string to all upper-case characters. The single text lines were made by specifying: This file contains the current line data to be plotted. This is the number of data columns data separated by a comma or at least one blank space per line of the gebplot file.

Line number to start reading: If a legend has been created previously in either a non-zoom or zoom plot then the user has the option of redrawing it. Draws an hour-glass-shaped marker at the specified position on the plot. Column from different files. The program consists of more than lines of commented fortran source code. Draws the plot labels.

GENPLOT online manual

Sc shows the plot of Fig I. Emits audio warning bell specified number of times. Renames a file in the users current directory. Draws the minor tick marks along the Y-axis. Up to 20 lines can be drawn to a plot. Positions Text Lines 5. The segments required for a plot and those available for plotting are kept track of by two sets or lags: ABORT this plotting option 1.


They arc only applicable to colour terminals and colour plotters. Eventually, a subset of the commands will become like a second language and the true power and flexibility of this program will be made manifest.

If more than one directory is to be accessed for files, GENPLOT should be run from a directory above the highest directory to be accessed and common to the accessed directory branches.

Makes a zoom plot of a selected area of the plot. The following menu will be displayed; Manuxl vs. Non-graphics terminals can only send plots to devices supported by a DI driver.

Calls to DI commands library routines are device independent in genplt application source code. Plotting Options for Line nn 0. Draws the data lines on the plot.

DTIC ADA211770: GENPLOT (General Plotting Program) User Guide and Reference Manual Version 4.06.

Number of lines to skip: If a very long label exceds the length of the plot the program will reduce the character sizing until the label is small enough to fit inside the plot window. Determines the position to start making tick marks. Draws the plot box axes gemplot required. Line number to end reading 8.

GenPlot | Software | Surface Neutron and X-Ray Scattering Group | Ames Laboratory

Time at start of plot sec. Number of Columns in first file 7.


Converts a character string number to its integer equivalent. Gets the selected output device s for hard-copies and makes the relevent Meta-Command-Filo s.

GENPLOT – By Michael O. Thompson ([email protected])

The default is to draw the line. File single column liles 0. Line number to end reading in 2nd file Four methods of plot data input are available: It provides powerful, user friendly graphics capabilities with minimal programming effort. Controls the construction of the plot box frame, axes, grid, ticks marks, numeric labels Draws the plot box frame edges if required.

Get column number to plot.

However, most of the meta-translators will use the identical MCF hence multiple copies are not always required. When this selection is chosen for the first time in a run, the user is required to enter a MCF name.

The Change-Drawing-Option was also used to alter the line characteristics for all three lines. Column from one file The user should select this option to have two columns of data from the same data file plotted against each other. Plot Aspect Ratio 0. Outputs requested hard-copies to selected devices.