Cast off for adventure with the members of the RPGA Network. Get to know one of the busiest ports of the Sea of Fallen Stars, where adventure awaits on land. Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D/Forgotten Realms Module LC4) has 9 ratings and 0 reviews: Published August 1st by TSR, pages, Paperback. Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Module LC4) . Official Game Accessory PORT OF RAVENS BLUFF THE LIVING CITY Credits Compiled by: Jean Rabe and Skip Williams Editor Author: RPGA.

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Merchandise on the shelves and tables is categorized by size and type. Incidentally, each pill also causes points of damage to water weirds and water elementals, but Ashakar is unaware of this property. There is an outside stairway that leads to this level, but no other means of traveling from the first floor to the second.

The watertight bottles contain 20 orange pills, each about the size pogt a marble. Manufactured by tritons and mermen, these are made of wood and treated with a special anti-rotting process known only to undersea races.

The table is covered with books and candles. They are clearly labeled and are contained in safety bottles described above. Tired of living a rough life which yielded barely enough silver to support him, he eventually quit and traveled to Ravens Bluff, looking for work.

LC4: Port of Ravens Bluff | Rules | Forum | BoardGameGeek

He uses the false accounts to his advantage, preferring to outwit opponents who might overpower blufv rather than to face them in combat. The ground floor contains a sparse kitchen and living room with a concealed trap door under the kitchen tableleading down to a basement that fo used as a cell.

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The javelins have a range of yards, a THAC0 of 19, and cause points of damage per hit to small-and medium-sized creatures, and points to large creatures. Often, when business is quiet down below, Clark Pebble a former sea captain who retired when he received a serious, crippling leg injury slowly climbs to a little room at the top of the tower and watches the ships lcc4 in and out of the harbor. Despite that incident, all went well with Flirin and Etarip until the pirates came across a tribe of selkies.

Soon, most ship owners find a definite need for Safe Harbor Insurance protection. If a client falls behind in payments, the first week of unpaid storage is bkuff charged at the normal rate, but the second weeks charges are doubled and, after the third week, the goods may be confiscated and auctioned for storage fees.

The pair journeyed to that city and eventually learned that the debt was a large one. This became impossible because of her pronounced human pogt, so she and her mother left the elf community. They ravfns gp each. He likes to stay near Ravens Bluff, where he feels safest from his former captors. Jean Rabe and Skip Williams Editor: There are adventures waiting on the wharfs, in the shops, and in the water for both the brave and the unwary.

TSR 9315 Ad&d 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms RPGA Lc4 Port of Ravens Bluff Near MINT

Kladdin is a tall, goodlooking man with shoulder-length hair and a well-groomed mustache. Vlard recommends that most ships undergo maintenance once per year.

Net, knife Nonweapon Proficiencies: Besides, he is very comfortable with his neighborhood and never wants to move again.


She is driven by power and is always in pursuit of more. His thick leather apron, which ,c4 for his frontal armor class, is cleaned after each working day. And he was never caught simply because he was never in town more than an evening or two.

He is a harsh taskmaster, even ordering his clansmen not to drag their knuckles on the ground! Tony marked it as to-read Jan 05, Still one more chamber lies behind a secret, locked door: She is quick to anger, though, and will avenge l4 slight swiftly.

Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Module LC4)

He scrambled in a panic to get off the bludf, but tripped over a bench, landed in the bottom, and was quickly submerged with it. Brill became interested in the salvage business when her father, a retired sea captain, managed to snare an old chest from a wrecked pirate ship. Endurance 17tracking 15 Magic Lort Access to the bins is available only in the company of Davy; keys from both Davy and the client are required to open a bin.

The Osprey could be a good place for PCs 4 to find work and adventure if they can convince McAllister or his first mate to take them on. Over the years, he developed an incredible knack for finding and fighting pirates.